"Birds that fly to an abrupt summit did not earn the straight, but rise much more easily whirling. Thus the human mind can do his rise to the contemplation of wisdom better and more enlightened by the detours of an appropriate method, rather than ignoring the studying and evolving directly from the lowest awareness level to the above, retracting the successive knowledge stages." (Guillaume Budé, french humanist, 1467-1540)

This quote seems to me the best way to present the twenty subjects representing what seems important to remember different knowledge that melt my artistic and philosophical process. I experienced so much subjects and it seems important to summarize my conclusions on my practices. In first place, I consider creativity and curiosity as the two essential human values. Inevitably, we evolve in the right direction when we ask ourselves questions. One question leads to an answer. The same answer will lead to a creation.

Everything around us is full of opportunities to cultivate our wisdom.

Six essential points translate my existential imagery :

1. Astronomy for humility and technical
2. Photography for observation
3. Philosophy for wisdom
4. Agriculture and cows for the respect of land trades
5. Volcanoes and earth sciences for the simple fascination
6. Psychoanalysis and Carl Gustav Jung in order to understand humanity...

"Photography is an immediate response to a perpetual question." (Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1908 - 2004)





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