In photography, the use of color filters considerably rarefied with the abandonment in the film B&W, replaced by digital imaging which allows using computer tools to apply color filters subsequent to the shooting. The majority of color filters are only interesting monochromatic photography, thing became very rare or obsolete. Study the effects of different colors in the visible light spectrum in black and white can reveal some interesting creative surprises. I really am interested in black and white only since 2014. The FUJIFILM X100T purchase in 2015 contributed to my development in this area because the practice of street photography is particularly compatible with the monochrome imaging. Mundane everyday scenes where color does nothing for the image, the black and white is welcome to emphasize the composition. We perpetual beginners in photography and it is only very recently (in 2016) when I realized it was absolutely necessary to use black and white to enhance my subjects.

Yellow filter
Kodak Wratten 12
This is the most used. It requires an increase in the exposure time between 1.5x and 3x. It helps in a landscape, clearing out toward the horizon to give a better distance and depth impression. On gray reflecting the blue sky, it detaches white clouds, even if lightweight, which give interest to the image. It allows to keep the ratio between the blue sky and lit white objects (a sail on the sea for example). Finally, it gives a better "made" clear foliage of vegetation in the spring or fruit trees.
Orange filter
Kodak Wratten 21
This is a filter effect. It also delays the blue rays, but much more strongly and could weigh very blue skies. It helps mitigate the haze effects in the distance.
Blue filter
Kodak Wratten 38A
This filter is relatively little used and only in artificial light for portraiture. This blue filter restores some balance on the faces that can take a pallid appearance with the use of electronic flash.
Red filter
Kodak Wratten 25
This filter is really a filter effect. Beginners use it to achieve effects "moonlight". This is the filter that requires time to pose the most accurate, it requires some experience and testing
methodical. If we increase the exposure time by a factor 4 to 8 compared with that calculated without the filter, we can obtain images with a sun strong impression, even if the sky is cloudy.
Green filter
Wratten Kodak 58
This is the perfect filter for portrait outdoor and street scenes. This is my favorite filter because it moderately increases the contrast between light/dark areas and it enhances the human subjects because green is perfect for clear skin. The B&W + green filter simulation in Fujifim X100T is excellent in all aspects.
Deep green filter
Wratten Kodak 61
Another effect filter ! It is not intended to balance the colors but instead, to exaggerate contrasts. significantly delaying the reds and oranges, we can give dramatic effects to images...

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